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Quality Control is a priority for Coffee Productions, which starts from the thorough analysis of coffee and packaging in the reception of raw material, in storage, to roasting and grinding processes, as well as in the different packaging lines. We carry out rigorous controls throughout the entire production to guarantee the safety and suitability of all our products. The company maintains a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, the quality of our products and continuous improvement.


In Coffee Productions we have been accredited with the most important international certifications: those for taste as well as the ones for the evaluation of coffee:

· Trieste Coffee Association (Italy)

· Santos W Commercial Association (Brazil)

. Stockler Commercial & Export (Brazil)

. S.G.S. Qualycafe (Spain)

. Forum Café (Spain)


Coffee Productions currently has IFS FOOD international standard, that guarantees food safety, the quality of products and processes, fraud prevention and food defense.

We also have certifications in:

· Ecological agriculture

· Ok Compost

· UTZ Chain of custody

· IGP Coffee from Colombia

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