In view of the present situation, COFFEE PRODUCTIONS, S.L., adheres to a code of ethics that activately and voluntarily contributes to social and enviromental enhancement.

Hereunder we outline some of our collaboorations with different agencies or entities:

We have a signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish anti-cancer council (Asociación contra el Cáncer – AECC).

Our customers exercise solidarity when they make a purchase within our product range because in doing so, AECC assists in the funding of research in the fight against cancer.

Thanks to such initiatives survival rates in cancer patients has increased by 20% in the past 20 years, while improving their daily lives and personal circumstances.

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We are actively collaborating with the next generation of coffee-growers.

We are offering them specialised training, mentoring programmes, and seed capital aimed at getting creative solutions off the ground, ones which must not olny be viable but also flexible due to ever-changing conditions and challenges in today´s coffee industry.


Our installations have an energy supply that is 100% green.

Consequently, each year we avoid releasing 360t of CO2 into the atmosphere.

We have certified endorsement from the ecology regulatory body know as Ecological Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community with own code (ES-ECO-020-CV).

It enables us to market naturally – roasted coffee-bens, naturally-roasted ground coffee and naturally-roasted ground coffee capsules.

All of our products released as ecological coffee undergo strict production and identification criteria subject to ouur coding system.

It is the hallmark that recognizes the operators of the food chain committed to meeting a series of requirements whose objective is to improve trade relations to achieve greater balance and transparency for the benefit of the entire sector and, especially, the CONSUMER.

Cooperation, Transparency, Commitment, Free competition, Quality assurance, Compliance, Balance, Sustainability, Innovation, Social sustainability.